August 21, 2016


Apply to MLFA

MLFA is currently only recruiting exceptional players. We are currently running a full and stable roster. That said, if you believe you have the skill to earn a core spot, we encourage you to apply here.

All fields are REQUIRED. Your application will not be considered if there are blank fields. If you do not have logs, the best thing to do is join a pug and make your own logs. A screenshot of your UI is required. For your reference, our raiding hours are:

8pm - 12am Pacific (PST)
10pm - 2am Central (CST)
11pm-3am Eastern (EST)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

By applying to the guild, you are agreeing to maintain a 100% attendance rating for the duration of your trial period. You are required to have a working microphone, install a few guild required addons (RCLootCouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools, DBM/BigWigs, etc.), and be an active participant in our guild discord and forums.

For a class that you are comfortable playing in a raid.
Trust us to be able to review your logs fairly. We will evaluate based on iLvl, target priority, uptimes, damage taken, etc.
Use imgur, or something similar, to upload.