Gul’dan Dead

Great job for a US 88 finish this tier. When we set out to build this guild before the launch of Legion, the goal was US Top 100 on a 12 hour schedule. We knew, being a new guild, that this goal might take a few tiers to achieve. What we didn’t expect was how brutal Emerald Nightmare would be for us. Unfortunately, the difficulty level of Emerald Nightmare was such that actual good guilds blew through it in a matter of weeks if not days. We didn’t get the opportunity we needed to evaluate the talent we had, and the decent players we did have left the guild as other guilds blew past us in the wowprogress rankings.

When Trial of Valor was released, and we finally killed Cenarius (and then Xavius), we finished at US 332. That was an unacceptable performance, and the guild was hemmorhaging players because of it. The officers had a meeting, and we resolved as a group to try again. We knew we had a developing core of players, and if we could only build up the bottom end of the roster, we would improve.

At the time, a top 100 US finish seemed out of reach. But we got lucky and picked up some extra talent at key moments. The guild really buckled down on AP farming and we managed a decent Krosus kill. From there we just kept rolling, and put on a burst of speed towards the end, culminating in last night’s Gul’dan kill.

From here on out, the goal is to improve tier over tier. We want to maintain our realm first position, and we know we’ll have to be sharp to do that. I’d like to thank the raiders of MLFA for showing up night in and night out, never giving up, and keeping the dank memes flowing.

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