Who is MLFA, an historic retrospective

Madness of Deathwing

There are a lot of new faces to the guild and I would like to take a moment or two to give all of you a bit of insight into the history of <MLFA>. <MLFA>, for all intents and purposes, is the result of a 2012 hostile takeover of the guild <Relapse> of Draenor-US Alliance. <Relapse> had finished up T12 and moved to Draenor, so we could shine as a realm first guild. I, Ellery, was a Holy Paladin in <Relapse> and the guild had a vacancy for a plate DPS after the server transfer. I referred Blut, the other current GM of <MLFA>, and he left his home on Kiljaeden to come back to a 10 man, which we both agreed was the better side of the 25m vs 10m debate. At the start of T13 we went 5/8H in the first week. Warmaster Blackhorn was a huge impediment for us. The GM/RL didn’t do much of the actual raid leading and was not contributing much otherwise, which put us in the uncomfortable position of having a few people who were holding back progression. Blut and I decided that it would be best to make a new guild called My Life For Aiur (hence, <MLFA>). We managed to retain the entire roster other than the GM and officer from <Relapse>, which allowed us to continue raiding immediately. There were some natural growing pains, but we were able to kill Warmaster Blackhorn, and then Spine after the tendon health nerf and finished the tier with a US44 10m ranking. We were pretty pleased with that considering that we accomplished this with a mutiny and with Raw trying to play a Warlock.

Before MoP came out we had a lot of time to refine our roster and make the necessary preparations to hit the ground running. I was a scumbag and decided it would be better not to raid, because I was finishing up my senior year of college and working full time. Without my salt, the guild managed a top 10 US kill for Will of the Emperor, US 21st Empress – and then the guild broke up. Running a guild is a lot of work and without somebody else to help Blut it was too much for him to manage so the guild decided to call it quits. About one week later I graduated and came back to the game. We got everyone back together and they burned bridges with their new guilds to do it, but we managed to kill Sha US 60th while I was still wearing blue shoulders. After our Sha kill, we struggled with retention and had a few people leave the guild because they were causing drama. There were some weeks where we couldn’t raid due to not having 10 people who could log in. We killed Ra-den two nights after our Lei Shen kill and called it quits at US167.

Between then and now, we have raided in a few other guilds, but it hasn’t been what Blut and I were looking for from WoW. We have had a lot of philosophical conflicts with how others run guilds and have learned a lot about managing a desire to progress at a high level while managing egos and the self-interest of our raiders. Most importantly, we’ve learned the hard way how vitally important culture is to effectively running a guild. We want to push our 12 hour schedule as hard as we can, but we want to have fun and engage all of our raiders while doing so. Each raider in this guild should feel like he or she is making an important contribution to the progression of the guild. Everyone should also feel welcome and comfortable inside the raid and just hanging out in discord or playing other games on the side. We are very excited for the opportunity to get back to progression raiding on our terms and look forward to working together with all of our raiders to accomplish the most we can. We have high hopes and expectations for the coming raid tier; let’s give it our best and then some.


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