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<MLFA> is a progression raiding guild on Lightbringer, built and led by a core of former hardcore raiders with extensive US top 50 experience. We are focused on building a solid base for the first Legion tier with the goal of steadily pushing higher ranks throughout the expansion on a firm 3-day, late night schedule.

We’re looking for people who are striving to improve their play and accomplish more in the game on an efficient schedule. We aren’t asking for fully maxed gear or hardcore recent progression. We want people who are willing to listen, improve their play and contribute to the cohesion of the guild as a whole. We would much rather have a less skilled player who is a good fit and work with them to improve over an all star who thinks they’re above everyone else. The strong leadership core will maintain and enforce this environment and prioritize it.

Currently Looking for, but not limited to:

DK, Rogue
Exceptional DPS

Mistweaver Monk
Exceptional Heals

Tuesday 10:00-2:00 CST (8:00-12:00 PST)
Wednesday 10:00-2:00 CST (8:00-12:00 PST)
Thursday 10:00-2:00 CST (8:00-12:00 PST)

A few things to note before contacting us:

We raid fairly late, particularly if you are located on the East coast. Please verify these times will fit your schedule before contacting us. 85% attendance is mandatory and reliability will be a key factor in determining core raid spots.

Loot during progression raids will be distributed using loot council. A microphone and the ability to speak if necessary in voice comms is required as well.

Additionally, a critical component to our success will be taking the raiding time we have seriously and working hard to get the most out of our time. We will be intense when we need to be. However, our guild environment will often be lighter in nature, including crude jokes and potentially offensive behavior. We won’t be nannying people or moderating hurt feelings.

That said, we are a close knit group of people that enjoys raiding with each other and have a lot of experience balancing the progression and social aspects of the game. If you enjoy this style of raiding, this will be a great place to progress in Legion.

Contact Blut, Ellery, or Beans at the following tags to answer any questions:


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